My Bloody Valentine – When True Love Kills – Part 2


Dr. John Hamilton, a talented obstetrician-gynecologist, lived in Oklahoma City with his loving wife of 14 years, Susan. He was known for lavishing her with beautiful gifts and surprising her with luxury trips. It was thought that the two were blissfully happy with one another.

However, on Valentine’s Day in 2001, Dr. Hamilton brutally strangled and bludgeoned his wife to death, leaving her in a vast pool of her own blood as he tearfully dialed 911 to report what he’d just “found” in the couple’s bathroom. And, given the amount of respect Hamilton garnered in the community, it appeared as though he might just get away with murder!

Unfortunately for him, investigators found an odd note in a Valentine’s Day card from his wife, and the tide began to turn against Hamilton. The handwritten notation said, “I bought this two weeks ago, so I guess maybe it doesn’t seem as appropriate. But I do love you. Have a good day. Susan.” It was a clue to what Susan had discovered: that the good doctor was having an affair.  So Dr. John Hamilton was charged with Susan’s murder and everyone headed to trial.

Yet, even though the prosecution blamed him for the horrific events of that Valentine’s eve, Hamilton’s legal team was very accomplished. His defense attorneys had hired expert crime scene investigator, Tom Bevel, to testify that the blood evidence the police found was consistent with Hamilton’s account of trying to administer life-saving measures to his wife after he found her.

But, that meant that Bevel would have to do his own analysis of the evidence. When he did, he noticed that there were actually some blood spatters inside the cuff of Hamilton’s right sleeve that the prosecution had failed to see. And this new evidence was consistent with what would’ve happened if Hamilton had struck his wife (not from giving CPR). That said, given that Bevel was the defense’s witness, it seemed unlikely that he’d have a chance to mention these findings in court…unless the prosecution gave him an opening.

At the very end of his time on the stand, the prosecutor innocently asked, “Is there anything the prosecution may have missed?” to which Bevel said, “Actually…yes.” Then he spilled the beans on Hamilton and it took the jury less than two hours to convict him of first-degree murder.

Hamilton was sentenced to life in prison.


On Valentine’s Day of 2o07, Stephen Grant walked into the Macomb County Police Department to report his wife He claimed that 34-year-old Tara Lynn was speaking to someone on the phone and mentioned meeting this stranger at the end of their driveway. He claimed she walked outside and that was the last time he saw her. 

If Stephen Grant had just laid low for a time, this may have been just another missing person’s report. But Grant didn’t do that. Instead, he made numerous media/public appearances and accused police of harassment (for pulling him over for driving on a suspended license). Eventually all eyes turned toward Grant as the main suspect and a search warrant was executed on the Grant family home.

It was there that the police found the torso of a woman in the Grant garage. Then, they found more body parts in a wooded area near a park. After his arrest, Grant admitted to strangling his wife and dismembering her body. Grant was tried and sentenced to 50-80 years in prison.

But that’s not where this story ends…

While in jail, Grant made a “new friend” in fellow inmate, Jennifer Kukla. Kukla was mentally ill, but competent to stand trial. She was found guilty of murdering her own children (Alexandra, 8, and Ashley, 5). Their bodies (as well as those of the family’s three Pomeranians) were found in Kukla’s mobile home. She reportedly told officers that she’d heard “the voice of the devil” telling her to kill them.

Regardless of their sordid histories, Grant found Kukla irresistible and he began writing her impassioned love letters – – which Kukla promptly turned over to authorities. Apparently she didn’t find Grant’s assertion that they should have a “rendezvous in the closet one of these days,” to be very romantic!




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